A little bit about myself

Michael publishes beautiful books and magazines. Spectacular Photography is his forte. His publications have won dozens of awards. His topics are experiential travel, culinary arts, figures and nudes, and wine regions. He is a photojournalist, award-winning author, and valiant adventurer… in pursuit of creating spectacular images and discovering interesting stories.

Michael has shot it all, from people to landscapes, products and nudes, food and industrial, weddings and architectural, under-water and in-the-air aerials, commercial and fine art, publicity and advertising, black & white and color, realism and abstract… for Michael, he will tell you emphatically, whatever he is shooting, “it is all about the light and the composition.” This is what you notice in his spectacular photography.

Michael is formally trained at the internationally renowned Art Center, College of Design, where Michael studied photography, film, art direction, packaging, design, and illustration. Along with his degree in Photography, Michael also has a doctorate degree in Business Administration. Michael’s career has been focused on bringing together the visual arts with business and marketing. Michael’s spectacular photography is used in editorial and advertising, and as fine art in galleries and private collections.